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Irving Zeitlin

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and 4
prag heway and mead
All great greatest philo in 20
centur y james impor tant in European philosophy
What a thinker is proposing is what they are arguing against
What dewey and mead refute and repudiate, impulse and doubt and habit
For school against is instinctualism and behaviorism, mead. 3
school is idealism
Instinctulism, time in historiy of psych instincts so long not explaining anyt hing at all, thinkers instinct
waste basket term, according to that school, instinct biologically rooted mechanism tells ind how to
behave in specific circumstances applies to animals as well, mammals there is no such thing as an instinct
example hunting, mother bear fishes and hunts for the cubs didnt teach them never know how to do it,
hunting with carnviores I very precarious, puma very swift, with cubs and hogs over, no predatoriar
carnivore comes running at them first stealth, goes for cubs father mother see her and break her tail,
illustrates its precarious go a day or two wit hout success, carnoivores in captivaty led out very hung ry
they wont know what to do, wolves and hyena s no single wolf bring down one moose
Instincts list a few,
Self preservation, there is and there isnt, we prefer life over death yet suicide occur, quite possible lose
desire to live and take own lives suggests cant be contradiced,
Sexual instinct, estrous cycle, basically heat arouses male has sexual intercourse must true not have it at
any other time, sense there is a cycle when there is going to be sexual intercourse, trial and er ror, not quite
not know how to behave learning needs to occur, humans no biological cycle, man women dont wanna
have intercourse is about culture, example of erotic impulses to opp same sex or animals or festishes or
auto, range of erotic impulses acted upon when and how culturly determined, pragmatists everything is
learned, heterosexual how to consummate without sex ed, in family or school or out there, learning
Maternal instinct, some women want to be mothers others do not, wom en become mother against their
will and under some circumstances abuse children or homicide of children delibretaley or inadvertently.
Maternal way of talking but not instincts would not have homicide,
Agressive instinct, one of the founders Conrad Lorentz card car r ying member of nazi party, not matter of
instinct to kill, is there one, weber what do u mean, some are aggressive in conversati on physically, if
killers by nature why teach us how to, how aggressive is flyer dropping bombs, define instinct positive
sense for greater good why instinct of war, different in ways and murderous ways only way to explain is
soc and ideal, just hate each other, need to understand in sociological sense,
Terr itorial, paleoanthropothogist accept out of Africa theor y, Darwin says not descendant of any of them
what is saying some geological cataclimson in Africa destroyed miles of forest had to descend the tress
and very small had to adapt by means of natural selection, we became the only biped, sur vived
consciousness in animals emergent quality in animals but know that it is real, consiuosness emerged bc it
became useful for adaptation, most of the time we were nomadic we werent territor y, not wedded to any
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