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Chapter 12
Wrap up chapter on writing research papers
Plagiarism, syllabus writing center writing guides how to avoid it
Plagiarism is passing off words of others as your own without acknowledging that person,
page number use other words in quotations
Identifying the purpose of the reading who u are doing it for, how much they understand
What kind of language or terminology they regularly use
Use of headings, providing a supportive structure or skeleton for you reading
Helps organize thoughts and ideas, headings let readier know what to expect in any given
section good for you and the reader
Presented generic list of heading to use can u se sub heading depending the detail
Heading and what might appear
Presenting research material, disseminating it and attending professional meetings,
present ideas and want them to be heard
Get good comment and they have no expectation and wont see them again not going to see
them everyday
Publications more permanent than conference publications are, want in particular form or
Being differentiated, send manuscripts to top people considered to be peers and they make
comment on whether or not it is suitable or not
Professional job in sociology teaching or consultant look for publications for professional
Author talks about the content of paper and articles that should contain information that is
truthful documented and truthful and interesting
Write it rewrite and write it again
Section, a few writing tips he talked about date stamping, using words such as recently
which automatically dates your article. After been in journal recently loses recently, be
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