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2 Apr 2011

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Chapter 11 content analysis
Author says content involves examination to observe biases and other in the material, to
this to what people create what contains ideas
Involves coding and analyzing data
Content analysis could be any technique to make inferences systematically identifying
special characteristics of messages,
Explicit rule must be established before the actual data analysis begins, what makes the
message special need to establish this
Makes a few errors in terminology,
Manifest vs latent, manifest is physical and displayed, talks about latent being interpretive
reading of the symbolism underlying the physical data
What the line means, and interpretive reading is not refereeing to something in the data,
something the researcher is doing what the researcher is giving the researcher the data not
actually their
Dictionary different from authors
Latent not expressed or exercised
Think in terms of operation of business owner has power to hire or fire, not mean boss is
always doing it, sometimes manifest sometimes latent
Inductive vs deductive analysis or approaches to research, in = immerse self in documents
to identifying them important to creators of the docs
Ded categories suggested by theoretical approach, the documents serve to test the
In vs de two argument of sci method, in collect data and answer arrives from data, how does
the researcher know what data to collect needs to be selective in someway
Ded- researcher has an issue or question makes guess in solution and does research if data
support deduction
Ind deny the rule of creative thought of the researcher
3rd error discourse analysis is study of language, in terms of content analysis looks at
pattern of language in comm. Exchange as well as the social and cultural context
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