SOC101Y1 : Condensed Reading Notes "Womens subjective accounts..."

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5 Apr 2011

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Kruttschnitt & carbone-lopez moving beyond the sterotype - women"s subjective accounts of. Scholars, the courts, and especially the media have shown increasing interest in women"s involvement in violent crime. However, their interest in this topic has been perhaps more prurient than analytic. The answers appear to have changed relatively little over time and include biological defects, hormonal influences or, more recently, psychological syndromes that emerge from a history of severe victimization (downs, 1996; rasche, 1990). what all of these approaches have in common is that they deny women"s agency or the possibility that women are involved in violent acts as active, rational human subjects (morrissey, 2003). Study: we aim to contribute to this scholarship by analyzing narratives of 106 incidents in which sixty-six women used violence toward another person, whether an intimate partner or someone else. We want to determine how they construct their involvement in these violent incidents.

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