Politics + Social Movements: NS, SiQ, SLDI readings only

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Sheldon Ungar

SOC101Y1 Week 19 3211 Politics & Social Movements NEW SOCIETY Karl Marx: Three Bases of Authority 1) Traditional Authority: particularly in tribal + feudal societies: authority through family + clan ties -right of a familyclan to monopolize leadership derives from gods will 2) Legal-Rational Authority: (modern societies) authority comes from respect for the Law -laws = rational -achieve office by respecting laws + regulations 3) Charismatic authority -extraordinary + charismatic individuals challenge traditionalegal-rational authority -claim to be inspired by higher principle that transcends traditional authority -political revolution: concerted attempt by many ppl to overthrow political institutions + establish new ones -power: ability of individual group to impose its wills on others even if they refuse -authority: to be widely recognized as legitimate -social movements: when power flows to non-authorities -> questions authority -> collective attempts to change part or all of the social order -political parties: organizations that seek to control state power -Force: coercive power by authorities -state: set of institutions that formulate + carry out a countrys laws, policies, binding regulations -government = executive branch of the state; it inititates policies, proposes laws, enforces laws -legislature = turns proposed laws into operating statutes -administrative apparatusbureaucracy = enforcement of laws -coercive apparatus: policemilitary that enforces law + protects state -civil society: private sphere of life; also exercises control over the state through organizations + institutions. Mass media -> criticizes state and comments on it. Pressure groupslobbyists, -government of the people, by the lawyers, for the business owners? POWER FROM ABOVE Pluralist Theory www.notesolution.com
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