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Notes for 6th lecture

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Sheldon Ungar

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Sociology Lecture Notes 6
Beom-Jun Park
Gender and Sexuality
Barbie dolls around since 1959
Based on German cartoonist’s creation
Predicted that mother would buy dolls with breasts for little girls; they were
Now worth 1 billion US dollars
What do girls learn from Barbie?
The ideal womanlive and be anything they want to
Body image: Slender, light (110lbs?), personal hygiene, physical fitness
Largely for the benefit of Ken, the pleasant, professional man heterosexual
Boys’ Toys teach stereotypical male roles
Gender neutral toys are out; single-sex products are dominant
Gender is product of lifelong socialization
Some believe gender is biologically hardwired it is true to an extent
Whether the way we express our sexuality and gender is biologically determined
is debatable
Sexual behaviour is not expressed dichotomicallynot just masculine and
Sex – anatomical, chromosomal, and hormonal features that typically make one male or
Gender – consists of the feelings, attitudes and behaviours typically associated with
being male or female
Gender identity is one’s sense of belonging to a particular sex biologically,
psychologically and socially
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