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11 Nov 2012

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Reasoned the idea that psychological disorder causes suicide is supported only if suicide rates tend to be high where rates of psychological disorder are high. Jews had more psychological disorders than the other main religious groups in france, but the lowest suicide rate. Research revealed nothing of the kind asylums, but 4 male suicides for every 1 female suicide. Psychological disorder occurred most frequently when reached maturity, but suicide rates increased with age. Therefore suicide rates and rates of psychological disorders vary un proportionately. *graph* suicide rates are lowest at intermediate levels of social solidarity and highest at both extremes. Altruistic suicide: when norms tightly govern behaviour therefore individual actions are in the groups interest: soldier sacrificing himself to save another. Egoistic suicide: lack of integration of the individual into society because weak social ties to others. Anomic suicide: norms governing behaviour are vaguely defined: when society lacks a widely shared moral code, higher anomic suicide.