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How do we decide what information or data is relevant to our research? - To help us with this we can use the two card system it helps organize all the information we gather from research in later stage sit becomes very handy - We should keep an open mind about what we collect, because decision can only be decisive after you finished all the gathering of information What role does the research question play in the research itself? Does theory play any role in research? - The research question is very important because it will direct or drive the research enterprise the research you will do will depend on your research question - The research question is generally regarded as the primary guide to the appropriate site or setting selection for the research How do we know where to do our research or what type of research to do? - The place where you do research should be somewhere where access is possible the target population is available high probability that the target population will be available to the investigation and the research can be conducted effectively by an individual during the data collection phase of the study - The research we decide to do is necessarily linked to the type of research question being asked What are the three different types of interviews? Explain how the three type of interviews differ. - The three types of interviews are o The standardized interview: it uses a formally structures interview questions all the question have to be worded in a manner that anyon
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