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SOC102 Tutorial 2 Tuesday October 1 , 2013  Mac and weber and their view of social class  Chapters ho1, intro, 1,2,3  QS 2, 3, 13, 20, 21  QUESTIONING SOCIOLOGY o Chapter 20 – 7 questions o Chapter 3 -10 questions o Chapter 21- 4 questions  HOI o 58  Intro -12  Chapter 1-18  Chapter 2- 15  Chapter 3- 13  Lectures- heavy repetition in lecture and chapters  little overlap o 21 Questions  Lecture 1-4  Lecture 2-6  Lecture 3-7  Lecture 4-4  HABITS OF INEQUALITY o Key terms, theorists o Sociological terms, (manifest structure, classes, sociological imagination) o Key theorists o Essential air ducts- symbolism, o Facts or trends in society  Logic in group behavior  Patterns in society, trends, o Definition attached to theorists o Functionalism – promotes everyone working together—applying theory o Empirical findings, historical revolutions or key events  LECTURES o Key names: Marx, weber, o Definitions: alienation, exploitation  MARX AND WEBER o Marx and weber common themes o Social classes-since early theorists have been discussing classes o Class structure has evolved significantly o Some people argue class structure plays little role some argue how you look at it o Understand how classes have changed over time o Understand what conditions make classes more influential  Marx  Classes revolving between Pros and Bourgs  Quote from marx SOC102 Tutorial 2
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