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Carl Marx - Work, Economical production lead to capitalism Max Weber - Life chances - Religion plays a role in capitalism and hardwork leads to good reward Roussearu - Unjust if social inequality exceed natural inequality - Unjust privilege is unfair Crenshaw - Intersectionality Lenski - Social inconsistency and intersectionality Bourdieu - Class passes on property, interest and wealth to next generation Jencks - 5 ways to distribute benefits: Demogratic, strong, weak, moralic, ultarism Rawls - Fairness, always befit the disadvantaged Davis and Moore - Functional theory of stractification - We need people in high posisiton and they should be rewarded - Inequality becomes motivation - Ignores class difference - Why do mob bosses get high reward??? - Most people are rewarded less Hayek - Reward the most Liberals: Support equality, also productive members of inequality if it reflects merit the society Libertarians: Freedom > - Markey competition Equality due to ppl trying hard Conservatives: Prefer inequality - Assume people all start as it drives society from same state but this FAILS since equal opportunity never exists Lerner and Simon - Just world hypothesis - Good thing happens to good people - Victimization - No matter what some people never get what they deserve Annet Laure - Study how class affects parenting Social Justice - Fair Exchange: hard work -> reward - Distributive justice: Hardest worker get reward - Procedural justice: Follow steps to get reward - Retributive justice: Do harm get punished Lecture 2: Baldus and Verna - Study how school children know about inequality Class (Weber) - Group of peop
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