War and Terrorism

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Lecture 10 war and destruction Is it possible to get rid of inequality? What might Canadian society look like if we succeed in reducing inequality War is the social process in which large groups of people systematically try to kill one another Tad homer Dixon argues that many of the societal problems and events we study including wars are the result of complex interactions between a large number of factors, all of them changing over time Inequality is on only one important factor Human created systems often go haywire complex with so many interactions and potential ways of breakdown, its impossible to predict or prevent occasional accidents Homer Dixon says in a global, multinational systems, there are inevitably going to be meltdowns he says you cant identify the importance of one particular factor over others We lack the brains, ingeneuity and technology to disentangle the mesh of interacting causes Humans versus monkeys some theories of war are based on evolutionary psychology konrad lorenz adgued that animals are naturally aggressive and this shows up as warfare However, the organised sustained warfare of humans differes from territorial fights between animals. Sociologists wonder we get much mileage from comparing human societies to animal societies. There have been wars throughout human history .. but not continuously or in all places why the differential occurrence? Freud argued that humans are inherently violent a result of aggreesive impulsive that get magnified by repressed sexuality repression of sexual impulses can lead to violence and aggression . However Freudian theories dont explain when or how they occur Warlike rulers play a part in warfare such leaders often come to power in times of crisis leaders are important can provoke wars, mobilise public sentiment, etc Population pressures Malthusian theories about war focus on the role of expanding population and diminishing sources positive checks on population .. .like starvation, plague and war would occur in high-fertility, relatively impoverished parts of the world . www.notesolution.com
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