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The Sense of Sociability-Study Sheet
Chapter 3- Women and Men
-gender relations were almost non-present with two main exceptions: philosopher John
Stuart Mill and Harriet Martineau and Friedrich Engels
-Charles Fourier- French utopian -> phalansteries love and sexuality in new, free
-Ann Oakley first book about domestic work
-richer people are less likely to divorce, especially if they were married later on in life, so
are religious people
-men are more likely than women to hold high political positions
-women = connected to male wives of organizational executives, secretaries to their male
-Kanter : tokenism theory
-Robert Merton men: adaptations to anomie
-women: adaptations ritualism and retreatism
-men = more aggression, women= more guilt and shame
Chapter 4- Age Groups
Mannheim- generation= social location
-respect for age vs. respect for expertise
-small and powerless as children
-immigration and baby boom period = interrupted movement towards old age
-Aries childhood= cultural invention
-“breathing test for eligibility
-Mannheim 1928 school board should pay high school teachers danger pay
-patriarchal values: the notion that an all-powerful father has the right to punish family
members at any time and in any way he deems appropriate
-stake in conformity
Chapter 5 - Race and Ethnic Groups
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