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Introduction The following research proposal consists of a content analysis conducted on several popular newspapers based on the topic of how visible minorities are represented in the media In particular it is designed around the question of How are visible minorities and WASP depicted across different news stories In addition the following research proposal will consist of five main sections namely Literature Review section Rationale section Operationalization section Data Gathering section and Reflection section The Literature Review section will analyze the topic of how visible minorities are represented in the media more in depth as well as provide an explanation of how the subjects of race and media are relevant to sociology The Rationale section will outline the reasons why my research question is appropriate in the context of a content analysis namely since it lacks causality is specific and capable of generating important insights The Operationalization section will elaborate on my key variables Race and Protagonist stories and their associated attributes and clearly outline how they are defined and can be measured The Data Gathering section will discuss the logistics of my content analysis such as the duration of time needed to complete this research assignment the four news papers that will be used and so forth Finally the Reflection section will outline the weaknesses and strengths of my content analysisthat is to say that although my content analysis is feasible it may be difficult to conduct to some degree given that it would require meticulous researchTopic OverviewLiterature Review The broader topic that I chose as the focus of my content analysis is the social construction of race That is to say how the conception of race has social significance despite being a biologically meaningless category In particular I am interested in investigating how visible minorities are depicted in the media and if such representations highlight stereotypes or indirectly promote discrimination and prejudice CaronBrym 2014 Lehman 2010 According to media researchers visible minorities are usually misrepresented or 1
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