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SOC 200
Logic of social inquiries
For test
Theorists are those who really develop a new perspective on new things.
At lot of social research depends on statistics.
Looking for reality:
Know how to ask the good question (prove you know what you talk about)
Understanding reality is complicated (collecting data is very complicate din social
research, every time it seems different/ understand social reality
Scientific criteria that help determine if the info collected is valid ( Logical: what
makes sense) (empirical)
Always see if you can see any patterns
Garret Baker:
Human inquiry and science
Paradigms, theory and research
The ethics and politics of social research
Ordinary human inquiry:
Observation: Causal (future circumstance or events are determined by the present
circumstances or event) ( the time dimension is always involved), Probabilistic
(future circumstances or evens are more likely to occur with the present
circumstances or events)
Most of the time in sociology tries to find a causal relation
Functions: understanding , prediction
Tradition: advantage (cumulative), disadvantages (prevent to see alternative
perspectives/ extra effort to deconstruct traditional vie
Authority: affected by the status, disadvantages (can give a wrong perspective and
misuse of authority
Week TWO
Video on how to write a good research paper
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