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Hypothesis testing

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Scott Schieman

Feb 28 2012 SOC202Hypotheses Testing Bivariate RelationshipsRelaxGod is in ControlBelief that God is an involved interested and influential force in everyday life God controls the events and outcomes of ones lifeLiterature on religion stress and mental healthResearch question Are beliefs about divine control associated with feelings of distressCOMPARISONSociology is about commparisonsWe are trying to build a case against the null hypothesisNull hypothesis can be expressed in a variety of waysIn the case of a difference between two means we can state that there is no difference between the two means in the populationWe use empirical observations to build a case against the null hypothesisSampling distributions are key componentEx Men are no different from womenStudying has no relationship with getting good marksHypotheses Testing and Bivariate AnalysisPrediction and understandingScientific predictions involve the measurement of two or more phenomena and then carefully examining the ways those things are tied together covaryBivariatetwovariable analysis XYA statistical relationship the measurements of one variable tend to consistently fluctuate with the measurements of the other making one variable a good predictor of the otherCaution levels effects and changeMeasuring Statistical RelationshipsBelievers vs non believersHow do variables covaryAs one variable moveslevels how does another variable move and levelThree common approachesDifference of means test Comparing means of an intervalratio variable across categories or groups of another nominal or ordinal variableCounting frequencies of joint occurrences of attributes of two nominal or categorical variablesoExample Believers versus nonbelievers and whether or not person has been diagnosed with a mental health disorderCorrelations relationship between two intervalratio variables in which scores on one variable tend to change consistently with scores on the otheroExample Levels of belief in divine control and levels of psychological distress
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