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Brent Berry

Three major implications of settlement pattern1Cities that receive immigrants are becoming quite different from those that do not receive immigrants on such a scale Cities that receive immigrants are growing faster and becoming much more diverse than those that receive relatively few immigrants2Immigrants residents to a selective number of Canadian cities is that it raises the issue of residential segregation the spatial clustering of ethnicracial groups 3Recent immigration is that it often contributes to the colour and diversity of a city through the creation of ethnic villagesVoluntary and involuntary segregationVoluntary segregation people choose to live in the same area as others with a common cultureInvoluntary segregation people are forced by lack of financial resources or discrimination to live adjacent to others of the same culture group Immigration in general 19001940 immigrants mostly from British Isles and northwestern European countries settle mostly on the Prairies or the West19401950s over 12 million immigrants arriving mostly from Italy Greece1960 present over 22 million immigrants entering mostly from nonEuropean countries ie Middle East Africa Asia and Pacific regions mostly settle in cities especially in large citiesReason for chose to settle in large citiesAvailability of jobsPossibility of ethnic network5 largest cities Toronto Montreal Vancouver OttawaGatineau and CalgaryRacial and ethnic compositions in citiesCanada census asked individuals to name up to 4 ethnic backgroundsIdentification with multiple ethnic backgrounds is more common in cities due to intermarriageAmong those identifying multiple ethnicities English Scottish and Irish are always among the largest 6 groups in the largest 6 citiesIn Montreal a large percentage identify French identityIn Torontovisible minority groupsCalgary and EdmontonUkrainian and GermanWho reported only single ethnic backgroups are most likely immigrants or children of immigrantDemographic information tells two story1Individuals with partial ethnicity of the early immigrant groups such as British
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