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Nathan Innocente

1/09/2012 Crime and Deviance in the Chicago School SOC 358 - assignment not due until the fourth week - In class Midterm: 6th class - February 13 2012 - no multiple choice: short & long essay What is the chicago school? opposes “big theories” Important concepts: 1)naturalism - we should study people and processes in their natural context -straightforward 2 names for the chicago school: • PARK • BURGESS “on the ground approach” • you have to go places, talk to people, experience things/ see things before coming to any real conclusions on what you’re looking at •the name behind Urban Ecology ; the city was a sociologists laboratory • [the concentric zones & social disorganization] • different neighbourhoods have different characteristics (each represents a differ- ent part i.e. chicago and part of the challenge for sociologists job is to seek what the unique characteristics • SHAW - dissertation “the jack roller - a delinquint boys own story” (a pickpocket/thief) - the different processes where the character stan- ley becomes a ‘jack roller’ • used “own story” data/ life history • people did not take seriously that you can talk to own person, get to know ev- erything about them, family, any personal details - use biographies as data • focus on the narrative and biographies and how people change over time • & colleague MCKAY- coming up with the “social disorganiza- tion theory” • we shouldn’t look at just individuals attributes as predic- tors to whether or not they will participate, but we should look at their surroundings/ neighbourhoods • crime and deviance are usually clustered in cities • pockets of crime certain youths were growing up in certain neighbour- • hoods “middle class society” - had become routinized i.e. selling crack is not seen as legit in some neighbour- hoods • in other neighbourhoods, its a means to get by. 1/09/2012 • it should be called school of activity • versus school of thought focuses on day to day collaborations between researchers in doing diff • projects • Herbert Blumer •symbolic interactionism • we have to see how meanings are created in interaction • idea that there is no concrete universal truth, instead we have to see how these things are negotiated • meaning is not set in stone • contingent on interaction i.e. shootings: • • police, the city, diff governments collect data coming up with a number to display the rate of shootings • important for policy; policy makers can intervene at some level • symbolic interactionism approach: • there is no such thing as a shooting • varies time and place and situations that unfold • experiences of the shooter of the act • explores the category in micro details of the “universal phe- nomenon” Becker (outsiders) & Goffman (presentation of self in everyday life, stigma, asylums) Contemporary ChicagoSchool Today - repeated theme: a tension between the outsider definition and the insider understanding of what the world is - Anderson - perception of street corner shmucks - group is highly differentiat- ed in reality. - group draws moral distinctions between each other, they have specific moral status - Emerson - methodologist ____ Lecture 2 - Howard Becker - November 16 2012 ** important part of the c
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