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Bonnie Fox

thSOC 214 November 29 ReadingsChanges in Conjugal Life in Canada Is Cohabitation Progressively Replacing MarriageWhat are the reasons why cohabitation has become so common in QuebecIn Quebec cohabiting unions are now widely accepted as forming the basis for family life in the rest of Canada cohabitation still largely constitute a childless prelude to marriageDemographic trends in last 30 years postpone marriage and less people to marryCohabitation slowly becoming way people are raising their familiesMarriage now less popular and less stable with the Divorce Law of 1968Divorce rate increase even more in 1985 with new lawDivorce rates began to plateau in the 1990s In Quebec where marriage is the least popular it is also the most stablecouples are expected to divorceCohabiting unions are more shortlived than marriages and they have become less stable over timeReason cohabitation has replaced going steady relationships which do not necessarily involve any longterm engagement Reason cohabitation seen as trial person for marriageReason cohabitation has become more socially acceptable so it has attracted larger numbers of less committed couples result proportion of cohabiters who marry their partners within the first 3 to 5 years of the beginning of the union has decreased while the proportion of those who separated has increasedHowever percentage of cohabiting couples that have lasted longer than 3 to 5 years has increased Canada and USAQuebec different cohabitations in Quebec are of longer duration and they are less likely to transform into marriageCohabitation in Canada and USA complete second phase which consists of a trial period before marriage and is childlessNext phase involves cohabitation to become an alternative to marriage allowing individuals to fulfill both conjugal and parental rolesPercentage of no martial births has increased sharply over the last 20 yearsfrom 16 to 13Shows that marriage Is no longer the only socially accepted way to raise children and having children outside of marriage no longer gathers the same social stigmaReason cohabitation different in Quebec to be born outside marriage does not automatically mean that the mother is a single mother and the father of the children is unknownOnly 34 of children born in Quebec had unknown fathers 2002This shows that non marital births are more closely associated with the decline of marriage and the progression of cohabitation than with an increase of formerly illegitimate birthsCohabitation began to emerge in the 1970s as a way to enter conjugal lifeIn Quebec percentage of children born outside marriage a lot higher than the rest of CanadaCohabitation higher in Quebec because it has reached the third stage that means that it is now more socially acceptable and becoming a parent is no longer restricted to marriageDifferent in Canada and the USA because if woman gets pregnant they are more likely to legalize their union with marriage before the child is bornCohabiting unions who have children are more stable than ones who do not
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