Summary of Dual Earning Family (readings and lecture notes)

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University of Toronto St. George
Bonnie Fox

Parrenas readingReproductive labour labour that includes household chores the care of elders adults and youth socialization of children maintenance of social ties in the familyGender controlling factor of the outflow of labour in globalization and show another dimension by which gender shapes the economic divisions of labour in migrationReproductive labour a commodity purchased by classprivileged womenPurchasing lowwage services of women of colourClass privileged women purchase lowwage services of migrant Filipina domestic workers who then purchase even lower wage services of poorer women left behind in the PhilippinesMostly reasons for migrating was for economic reasonsWomen take on the role as the economic provider reconstituting the gender division of labourDomestic work in international countriespay more than professional work in the PhilippinesEscape relationships with husband burden to uphold traditional norm of nuclear familydouble day turn to hiring lowincome wage earners Threetier hierarchyThose on top can earn more and consequently afford better quality careInstead of negotiating directly with male counterparts for a fairer division of household work they rel
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