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University of Toronto St. George
William Magee

Family and support Families are the source of strong emotional bonds but also the source of deep interpersonal conflict the family remains the core element of an individuals social support system (ss are never one sided but are reciprocal in nature) Social support system is defined as the network of relatives, friends and organizations that provide emotional support and instrumental support The convoy model of social relations is a useful way to think about how social support system operate over the life course- consist of social relationships that provide a protective layer surrounding an individual from birth to old age No all relationships are positive- especially in family, feeling of ambivalence is common. Social support system Over the life course women are more likely than men to maintain social networks women then have more people in their support network, more frequent contact and more complex relationship with individuals Women can be advantaged in old age, for they are likely to have more resources on which to draw but t
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