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Study Guides for SOC250Y1 at University of Toronto St. George

Sociology of Religion

Protestantism and Capitalism Weber

SOC250Y1 Lecture January 12 2010Connection between Protestantism and CapitalismWeberHow does Weber begin the question of understanding religionsThe distinction between virtuoso and heroic religiosity and mass religiosity W...

Joseph Bryant
SOC250Y1 Study Guide - Aboriginal Peoples In Canada

th March 9 , 2011 SOC 250 Religion and War violent struggles between people and states Religious values, beliefs, practices and their social articulation: in politics, in kinship, economics and education...and in WAR Relig...

Joseph Bryant
March 23 lecture notes

Final exam= bread and butter type of question. Religion and modernity: Key structural and Cultural Trends Modern societies are fundamentally shaped and ordered by: Capitalism Burecreutaization science- technology And Globa...

Joseph Bryant
feb 16

soc250 feb 16 -kings and pharaohs claimed they were sons of the gods or related to them and they would return to them after their death -seems to be a strong connection with feuerbachs reflective theory and durkheims notio...

Joseph Bryant
march 2nd

Soc Religion March 2nd Death in Early Civilization -The dead must be treated honorably -the likelihood of the living being plagued by the vengeful dead -transition from neutral death (all human beings are fated to die and ...

Joseph Bryant
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