March 23 lecture notes

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University of Toronto St. George
Joseph Bryant

Final exam= bread and butter type of question. Religion and modernity: Key structural and Cultural Trends Modern societies are fundamentally shaped and ordered by: Capitalism Burecreutaization science- technology And Globalization These developments have led to changes in: i) the place of religion in society ii) the standing and functioning of religious institutions and in iii) the nature of religiosity: 1) The marginalizationdisplacementsubstitution of religious cultural traditions by formal rationalism, scientism, individualism, materialism and consumerism 2) Fosteringreinforcing a general SECULARIZATION Structural {institutional differentiation and autonomy] Cultural [ pluralismrevitalization of traditions] 3) Religious revitalization or modernizing movements Conservative reactions ... FUNDAMENTALISM {Jewish, Christian, Islamic,, Hindu, etc, affirm the authority of the sacred, upload the gender roles, oppose moral decay...] Liberal efforts to update or modernize the tradition { Vatican II, ordaining women in some Protestant churches, changing policies at birth control, homosexuality, etc} 4) The emergenceintensification of quasi-religious cultural forms Civil religions nationalism or cult of the state Grand ideologies such as socialism, communism, ecology, concerns Seeker or new age spirituality [ aromatherapy, crystals, meditation, astrology, olistic mindbody purifications etc] 5) Syncretism and new religious movements (NRMs) NOTES:
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