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Discuss the difference between class and status groups How are these concepts used to study inequalityDiana FerlendaFirst off we should start discussing what class isClass is a concept centered on models of social stratification in which people are grouped into a set of hierarchical social categories Some different classes include upper class bourgeoise middle class and lower class proliteriate Status groups on the other hand according to WEBER consists of a number of individuals who share a common status situation Although members of a particular class may not be aware of their common situation members of a status group usually are Weber beleived unlike Marxwho believed that power is held by those who own the means of production that certain people in high status groups derive power by virtue of their social condition rather than through economic control For example we could give an example of members at a country club All the members of the country club share a common status situation because they are able to afford membership into this country club Therefore all of the members of the country club share a status group which happens to fit into upper class society From looking at some peoples status groups we can then determine their class Looking back to the country club we could all agree that all members of any given country club belong to a high middle or upper class due to the fact that a lower class would not be able to afford that luxury When we read that outlooud we are then able to see how these concepts are used to study inequalityThe way that class and social groups are used to study inequality is simple if you look at someones status group and compare it to someone elses status group or class your able to see the inequality between the groups If one were to study any lower class population inequalities compared to a higher class would be impossible to miss Therefore the concept of looking at class and comparing it with any status group could determine many inequalities that are faced between groupsTo expand For the next paragrpah there are different inequalities that can be listed between the classes so like we saw on the map of france in the upple class society there was many luxurious things that those people took part of such as tennis piano lessons attending operas etc yet when we looked at the lower side of the map we saw that for fun lower classes went to play ball at the park or went to a simple bar because they didnt have the means to afford luxurious pass timesSarah HirjiCLASSAccording to Weber classes are classified as groups of people who share a common class situationA class as a social situation in which people have shared typical probability of procuring goods gaining desirable social positions and finding life satisfactionThere are three types of classes1Property ClassThis class is apparent when differences in property ownership determine the class situation2Income ClassThis is when the changes of utilising good or services on the market determines the class situation3Social ClassThis class is a combination that is created by property and income and one where mobility between the social classes is a typical occurrence either within an individual lifetime or successive generationsWeber also thought that there are four main social classes1The working class aswhole2The petite bourgeoisie Bourgeoisiethe class that owns the means of production the ruling class3The propertyless intellectuals technicians commercial works and officials who are possibly different from one another socially depending on the cost of their training4Classes privileged by property or education Members of a class share similar life chanceslife chances are set in the market and arebased on the resources people haveThree main resources that are looked at are property high valued skills and educational credentials Class schemes are usually focused around the occupations people hold and the work they do When it comes to social class Marx is mainly concerned with the social relations of production while Weber focuses more on the distribution of resources STATUS GROUPA status group is an organized group comprising people who have similar socialstatus situationsWeber felt that highstatus groups get power by virtue of their social position and not because of economic control Power for Weber is defined as every possibility within a social relationship of imposing ones own will even against opposition without regard to the basis of this possibilityFrom the notion of power the introduction of domination occursDomination is apparent in social relationships when one person or group comes to expect that their orders will be followed by the other person or groupThree types of dominance1Traditional Authority a dominating relationship based on the acceptance that hose in charge should be in charge because of traditional right2Legal Authority subordinates accept the legal right of those in charge3Charismatic Authority the situation in which leaders have control of others because of the leaders appeal or charmDifference Between Class and Status GroupsMembers of a class may not be aware of their common status situation while members of a status group are aware of their common status situation CLASS AND STATUS GROUPS IN THE STUDY OF INEQUALITYIt is important to study class in the study of inequality as it enables us to see the differences and similarities of people in varying classes We can compare the lowerclass to the higherclass and analyze why there are differences and what these differences are This is important because we need to know where the inequality lies in order to attempt to reduce the inequality in future generations As the people within classes are not aware of their class situation allows sociologists to study them without them having biases on acting a certain waythey are being themselves in their everyday livesAlso class is important in the study of cultural capital It is important to study status groups in the study of inequality as these groups are aware of their social standing in societyThese groups show the difference between groups of people in a particular status bracket and how they live in society whether it be wealthy groups or poor groupsThis is an important aspect to study as status groups are classifications in society that are based on similar socialstatusWe can identify the inequality between the different social status groups within society and analyze them to better understand why the inequalities are apparent Class and status groups have similar reasoning in why we should study them when discussing inequalityInequality is apparent between classes and between status groups one group is not aware of their social standing class while the other group is aware of their social standing status groupsThis is important in the study because it shows the difference between those who are aware of their status in comparison to those who are not aware of their status
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