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SOC309Y1 Study Guide - Final Guide: Rock Hudson, Tabula Rasa, Antiviral Drug

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Robb Travers
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AIDS Activism
Friday, November 13, 2015
Government and institutional inaction
Emergence of AIDS as first illness in neoliberal society
AIDS memorial was established in 1982
Pillars with plaques goes by year names of people who died
At first, ery fe aes… WHY?
o Epicenter of infection was not in Toronto
o Takes about 10 years post infection to get sick
o People also did NOT want to be on the list being gay was decriminalized
just a year before no human rights protections yet (could get fired, not
sered at restaurats, et.…
o People were probably dying of AIDS but they would mislabel death to avoid
o May people proaly did’t ee ko they had AIDS HIV virus had not
yet been identified
Died from skin cancer and PCP everyone has PCP but if you have a
good immune system it does not make you sick
AIDS was a blank slate in early years everyone projected own ideas onto it (ex. infectious,
environmental, religious, health)
Projection was easy due to officials indifference
Nobody really cared about the group of people affected by AIDS
In February 1981 the police raided all the gay baths in Toronto
300 people arrested, seen as a huge assault on community
Occurred at beginning of neoliberal shift
In these days, most people were in the closet
This was a way for people to comfortably meet other gays
Much more conservative period in society
By 1983, most of these people had their cases won in course
1984 - height of panic
Rock Hudson died of AIDS
Same sex education started
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Realized it was a virus in blood supply
1985 HIV test was created
Atiists reoeded you do NOT take the test… WHY?
o If you test positie, you get o a goeret list… jail? – Gays did not want
o Quarantine? No AIDS cure? Therefore quarantined until you die
1986 The memorial had whole pillars of deaths
Public Health protetig people fro AIDS… isolate ifetio gay e… let ifetio ur
out… o ore AIDS… NOT good news for those infected
AZT first anti-viral drug; provided glimmer of hope that something could be done for those
already infected; also created some rage people knew they were dying, little research was
being done and people in hospitals put in isolation units
There were political things you could do
Try and get government to combat AIDS instead of just letting everyone die
Jarvis, big meeting started meeting by asking crowd about how they were
experiencing AIDS
Important things established:
o Consensus on making a conference on standards of care
o Access to experimental treatments
o Access to aerosolized treatments (potaminine) kills POP
Coffins, banners, burning acts that helped put AIDS treatment on the front burner
1988 Federal Election
First announcement from new ministry of health Emergency Drug Release Program
for AIDS
Everyone knew people who were dying
Going to be an international AIDS conference in Montreal
3 groups developed (1 in Montreal, Toronto, and New York)
o Developed rights statement, planned series of demonstrations
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