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Robb Travers

SOC309 SEPT 14, 2012 SOCIOLOGY OF AIDS Youtube video - Pub contre le sida What I s - From a sociology of aids - Historical response since the 80s since it has emerged - Govt inst have emerged - Doesn’t matter the society hiv is virus follows lines of inequality - Not same risk groups but lines of inequality - 3 overlaping spheres - Time hisotricall, cutting spending to public - Fiscal restraint, election of regaean by Christian right aids was repressed - Effected stigmatize group gay men - And everyday peoples rxn, moral panic in eveloped western nation - Group effective was similar, frug user injection, Haitian, heamophalica, and gay men - Moral panic was sig - The third is the lived experience of those with hiv - Man ans sak abor, in Toronto it gay men - Mont its Haitian, it differes depending where - Focus is the shifting policy it has emerged, the neoliberalism in the 80ss - Harm reduction in Canada before harper govt produce programs like insite not in us however they have criminalized it, vs addicition as a health program - Ccanada infection rates down vs us that is up - In Canada country that prosecutes more people with hiv in jail – if hiv positive u must disclose this status but not say what kind of sex no risk – women in montreal knew hiv positive protective sex left him another man told police this not first 6 months of relationship and 4 years in jail Why pop - Disease interesting history, very stigmatizing - Allows us to explore culture to the disease - And the injustices that have occurred in this disease - And political nature of health - Health as purely biological but sci evidence shows other wise, bc if so hiv would effect everyone the same - 995 of 1000 with hiv face social oppression in society and the other 5 is random acts usually during blood supply - Mother baby few too if not take anit retroviral - International aids conference every two years - 2006 in Toronto 40000 in skydome - Louis binder – where popele have power low rates of hiv, not power hgh rates - Clinton – referring to th
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