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SOC309 SEPT 21, 2012 HIV/AIDS 101: THE BASICS Jess Abraham sexual health promoter for Toronto public health What is hiv - Human immune deficiency virus - Positive – testing positive - Pha – personhaving aids - And other terms How does it effect the body - It is a virus - Immunr system - Has to find white blood cell cd4 or t cell and needs to replicate within the cell - Important cells to keep immune system on - Virus always be with the person - Some medications to keep the viral load low Stages - Initial infections (primary) - Ask what will happen if have hiv but everyone is different - When first in contact with hic and find the blood stream it multiplies quickly - Hiv positive and don’t know and a lot of vurus in the system - Higher possiblilty of transmission - Couple factors come to play early time - No symptoms and feel fine not uncommon with sti - 4 week after infection and creates antibodies and serconversion illness flu like symptoms – febuary lots of flu could be flu – but different then just being ill – fever diarahea, sore throat not specific so get sick and feel fine - A rash also could happen but non specific Asypm - A couple months later plateau - May function as usual - Even feeling fine immune system cd4 decreasing - If knows status important time to have medical care – various tests monitor health may not start medicine yet depends on health care and the patient Monitoring - Two main tets when positive - One is the viral load how much of the virus is in their system and figure out when good time to start medication want a small number - Undetectable not means that hiv is gone - Undetable is good thing bc virus is low - Cd4 imprtant test the immune system and see enough of the immune cells present to keep u present and healthy - Look at it over time - Different bodily fluids have difffernet numbers Symptomatic - Individual variations - Symptoms develop of the immune system declines - Sometimes not decline - Depending on many factors - Opportunistic infection takes opportunity with weaker immune system stringer keep it at bay like pneumonia, chronic yeast infections, Aids - Some point when aids start is aids relevant appropriate still - No blood test for aids, diagnoses for many factors - Canada vs us. How defined 15 years ago may be different - Aids in Canada tech – low cd4 count less than 200 and one oppurtunic infection - Sometimes on meds goes down and get new meds and higher cd4 count - A lot of stigma associated with aids - Number of factors come into play with an aids diagnoses - Assess to meds and social determinets - Very resources and social support network healthy food that can help keep you healthy, someone living in poverty different course than someone who isn’t Hiv treatment - Individual descion - Some say I want it as soon as I can - And some only when I need it - Antiretroviral main treatment - Sometimes one drug sometimes a combination and depends on many factors keep virus low and not make copy of its self and take over - Can be a lot of sideaffects to medications the usual to extremes – give people intense dreams rnage of effects is huge, may have one pill and then combination and meds to manage side effects and may take supplements to give extra boost of immune system sometimes big handful sometimes one pill - Chronic manageable disease but not mean its easy - Really expensive 1000 plus per month - If not health care coverage few gov programs - Not cover supps though Transmission - Through preg breast feeding, and birth process - Sharing needles Requirements - 3 conditions must occur - Hiv must be present - Must be sig quantity of the virus - It must get into the blood stream - Certain fluids may transmit it Where is - Not worried about other fluids Cannot - Myths - Like bucket of saliva - Blood find ur blood stream and person has hiv Trans - Oral is theoritcally possible but not see contact in this way - One has to find blood stream - Hiv is tender virus – elegant can live outside body for 1 minute but sensitive to temp ph - So through anal and vaginal sex but saliva heals so not have open cut in open salive not kills hiv but makes it unfriendly - Whats realistic how work to make things descions that work with them - Through needles direct access - Universal procutions - Sharing needles not just using - Sharing tattoo and pirecing equipment? – only if not public health but only when at home – tattoo gun the virus would die if let still for a while - Key is sharing - Hep c is tough bleach not kill it and live for weeks - Hiv outside of body but inside body temperature situation – sharing needles blood barrel of needle and quite rapidly shared - Hiv transmission is not automatic sharing needles puts u at increase risk - During preg birth breastfeeding Activities - Still common insect bites - Insect bites – process blood in stoimach not happen - Casual contact not have to worry about it - Fluid has to find blood stream - Fear on stigma can take over understanding of the facts Whats the connection - Last decade understand more sti and hiv and how interconnected - Hiv has to find blood stream - Presence of untreated sti makes u more vulnerable bc go to area of infection and hang around white blood cells - Chakkamdyia most common white blood cells in uretha hiv find those cells and - Inflammation cuases by whiteblood cells can facilate hiv fi
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