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Robb Travers

SOC309 SEPT 28, 2012 LECTURE 3: MORAL PANICS 1980s and aids in north America Early reactions - The aids epidemic in small town America - Key things - People ignorance and a lot of fear – mixed with strong moral ideas - Uncertainty in the medical/scientific community - 80s time of govt very intent on cutting public spending - And disease rapidly increasing and money not spent on identifying the virus people were panicd - Manitoba in 1984 first aids case with that type of behavior Explore early reactions - Rise of the new right in the united states the moral majority – large sector that define as fundamanrtal Christian by backing Reagan - Determined by what they wanted and appropriate behaviours - And debates of abortion and teen preganancy and blacks in the us - A lot of discussion couched as moral and intrecnhed in hatred - Culture phenomenon of blame attached to illness How many of you - What people say - Somehow immoral - Not understand emotions When someone gets hiv - Ask are they gay - Sexual prominscuity - Drug user Why intense rxns - Modern medicine not as miraculous Brandt - Who sick and why - Social theorists - Feel things beyond physical illness - Cancer random people feel stigmatized - Smoker and end up with lung cancer may self blame - Colon cancer people may be emabrrased - Brandt says underneath quesiotn there are powerful culture values - Illness and aids metaphors - She argues illness take on culture meanin signify weakness aids signify something of sexual behavuiours - Stand here and declare hiv positive declare many thing cultureally stigmatize - Brandt take on social and political ideologies - Health is political and idealogically shaped - Uncle has massive coronary guess that he smokes or overweight - Reflect current social idealo - “Blame ind solely on poor health and good health assume they are doing the right things” - Within management to have good hralth and bad then did something to bring it on - Clip – aids in the media the early years - Irrational thoughts - What stood out - The general population – implies real population and falsly implies – aisd epidemic fueled research on funding - Now study after study - Show gay identified people is small but men sex with men not show as gay - Many sex with men identify as hetero but have sex with men - Idea never pass from gay men to public - Moral valence attached to the term – general worth saving so hope not spread Morality - Peer research center - Aids might be gods punishment for immoral sexual behavior - Discourse of god was common bc of the right but Reagan into power - Vanderbelt people were praying in cafeteria - Same irrational fears in Canada but not have religion to them not to same extent The punishment theory - God figures into the punishment - How blame people secular and religious - Non mod religious – god or transcendental being inflicts punishment on culpabale person – immoral sexual behavior - Modified relig – god punishes someone close to them – - Secular non – people bring disease on themselves by bad lifestyles – hear in Canada In the 80s – blaming gay men for promiscuity - Same in ontatio hiv in black/carribean - Modidifed – people bring about disease to people close to culpable person 4 challenges - Inn vs guilty - - part of aids since beginning - Heamiliica – were seen as innocent victims - Those through drug use seen as guilty - Overwhelming of gay men and iv drug users never knew virus was infecting or could avoid it - 2 nd - Encourages victim blaming rd - 3 - Fails to take into account socioeconomic, political facots - People often blame drig users – majority assume using heroin that you want to do that – addiction as an illness – health care issue – body of evidence and look at background see regular pattern abuse violence in females sexual abuse as children and understand why people may move down that pathway and develop health problem - Blame bc used needles fail to look at childhood th - 4 - Blame Impedes prevention efforts Next - Similar to kinds of plagues seen in the past and link immoral behaviours caused them - What differed was target groups - People had stigmatized ways of living gays and injection users - Different kind og hidden phenomenon – - America homsexulaity was illegal - Ass with gay men and fdrug users and injection - Secual behavior and needle sharng – aids early on took on moral vlaence – kind of psyco and social meanings attached to the illness Model - Identification – identifying a new illness killing gay men in large cities in north America - Minority – general pop used bc contained to certain risk groups listed as deviant, and Haitians in Miami hospital and women who had sexual partnerns msm or drug users - Simplification – one thing makes life complex is how manage risks everyday – moral majority talked about decline in moral standars – also when divorce rates increased – divorces equals large gay community – decline moral standards led to this illness - Stigmatizaiotn – immoral, perverts, not heard gay human rights same sentence - Public indignation – phen people stamp down hard give illusion govt doing something about it – Ontario called for quarantine even scientist said other then gays have aids – see laws in us ban drug use after nancy Reagan became poster child for jits say no – also stamping down - 1973 homosexuality removed from dsm – studies showed mental health did not differ in heterosexual – understand homosexuality as continuum of sexuality - Media people used it as proof as gay was mental illness Aids and sars - Severe acute respiratory syndrome - 44 die in Toronto in 2003 many around the world Contd - Appeared out of no where - Traceable illness – quarenteen oneself for 3 weeks Next Next - Incredible pics - Rush and rolling stones held largest concert at downsview and put together by liberal leaders - Concern who put a no fly zone on Toronto and killed torontos tourism - And with sars where did it come from – from china invokes images in our minds - Chretian was prime minister – went to Toronto Chinatown and went with media cameras and sat in Chinese restaurant to show it was safe to be near them - Sars like aids had target groups – asian cough people would get off street car Aids sares common - Panic sars not seen before - Reality largely contained to health care workers and hospitals - There was blame - Discussi
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