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16 Feb 2011

Document Summary

The securitization of migration: a racial discourse (ibrahim) Due to assertions from international organizations, migration is seen as a threat to the liberal world. Government laws and policies are an outcome of discourse, and reaffirm discourse. The use of cultural difference" as a criterion for exclusion can be understood as a racist discourse. The securitization of migration discourse has been cemented by the fear that migrants may be supporters for insurgencies (terrorist activities) Uninvited migrants unskilled migrants go counter to those migrants canada seeks to attract, mainly wealthy investors and skilled migrants: by rejecting the unskilled migrant, canada is attempting to separate itself from the rising. The rejection of migrants based on presumed criminality and deviance is an essential component of the securitization of migration, which cements the racial discourse. Transnational belonging among second generation youth: identity in a globalized. The significance of the transnational social field in the construction of their identities is demonstrated at three levels: 1.