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The duality of persons and groups  A metaphor of classical social theory concerning the “intersection” of persons within groups and of groups within the individual is translated into a set of techniques to aid in empirical analysis of the interpretation of networks of interpersonal ties and networks of intergroup ties  Techniques are useful in the study of director interlocks, clique structures, organizations within community and national power structures, and other collectivities which share members  Levine: concept of dualism – key principle underlying Simmel’s social thought Basic conception  Set of individuals and a set of groups such that the value of a tie between any two individuals is defined as the number of groups of which they both are members  Value of a tie between any two groups is defined conversely as the number of persons who belong to both  Construct a matrix of interpersonal ties (denoted P)  Separate matrix of intergroup toes (denoted G)  Matrix group: matrices are mutually noncomparable in the following ways: o They represent diffe
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