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Jan 172011 Definition and measurement of mental disorders -reading: even classification , sumtimes go against it. Chapters on the test are as mcqs. Lecture stuff wud b short essay type -Formulate -evaluate theories of the causes of disorders. -plan efficient distribution of mental health care. More funding than others -justify funding for services and research cuz a lot of us need gov. money. more u know more funding Phyciatric epidemiology. -in population or in various sects. Specific racial grps or age grps. How distributed. -sociologists are involed in this area. Try to see the samepatterns etc. -sampling a huge pop, it can cost a lot of money. we have to min the cost. We reply on structured interviews. Wat they wana study, come up wid interview schedule, qs abt backgrnd, mental health etc. then they get interviewers, hire, train and collect data. This saves money. we rely on lay interviewers . Not fully trained, not clinicians. As much as it saves us money, lacks corrected mechanisms that a trained person may have. -we get false positives or negatives wid lay interviewers. If were relying on them, its imp that we have valid measures. We reallytrain these people well and get from the measures wat we really want. Epi Studies: - ECA -NCS- focused on establishing degree to which diff disorders occure in the same individual. -whole pop of united states - NCS-R: see if replicate fidings of ncs. ECA -a lot of times gov policy making was relying on clinical data. That doesnt mean everyone having mental problem seek medical assistance. -wats really going on in population. -called DIS administered by trained interviewers. -ECA used DIS. - DSM= manual that allows us to diagnose. They use the criteria of DSM to diagnose illness. At that time DSMIII criteria was used www.notesolution.com
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