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Biological stress model. First model. Bystress amdstressors he meant the same thing.sth that cud put wear and tear on the body. Extreme heat or extremem cold etc. a lot of stress show that the long repeatedexposure to noxious stressors lead to death. 4 stages of his model. Stressors. -factors that alter the impact: conditioning factors. Coping resources. Etc. -GAS= intervening state of stress. -behavioural response. Produce heat, gotten sick or died animals. Distress in humans. -GAS= sth measured in an organism eg increase in bp. Seyle: - his model was very imp. A lot of research in psy, soc mental health. Stressor=gives rise to stress. A stressor had to have some sorta impact on internal fcning of the organism. Had to b biological stress response. Eg. Flight or fight response. Contextual circumstances. Eg. Pple who lose their job develop stress. Was their job or skill rare so lost their job. So not in every case stressoralcoholism etc. he didnt take that into account. -widout the occurance of biological stress. The person cud still develop mental health problem. Exclude such stressors. Rats in extreme cold u measure bp. Bp not went up and the mouse died, they didnt take this into consideration. -stressors may have other consequences other than health outcomes. Pplw cud suffer edu outcome. Stress models: life events= major changes= extensive behavioural readjustments. -all events are stressful=they said that. U cant compare compare 2 diff life events as stressors (marriage vs divorce) - evolution of research. Not common sense to put all life events together. - theymeasured life events by coming up soc readjustment racing scale. Navy men whove gone to see the doc . sth stressful . -from 1-100 watd u give to each of these events. -those are the events and life changing events that they come up wid people like urself to come up wid. Death of a spouse is one of the events. #s -it takes out the contexts. Ure looking at stressors at one grps events. Navy men. -all life events both positive and negative can cause mental health. www.notesolution.com
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