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Jan 312011 Coping resources and coping behaviour TESt: everything up until todays lec. -19 mcqsfrom readings (95%are from readings, couple that cud come from lec; 9 marks worth fill in the blanks (for some ud have options in the brackets); few short answers, one essay qs (3 qs, u pick 1.). pay attention to the instructions. Outa 50 marks. - no details like percentages etc. but general trends etc. -a section dedicated to someone who came up wid terminology. Esp names covered in class. Imp. -ull have space on the test to write. -no point forms. Write in proper English (paras). Mediating moderating resources [scenarios given and tell wat that is. Know egs] -wat ure in soc eco strata= stressors exposed. Direct effect on mental health outcomes. Acutechronic etc. -direct effect or thru stress proliferation(thru secondary stressmental health outcome. Mediating ). U have to take into account the coping resourcesbehavioursnetworks. eco hardship can effect ur coping resources (leads to losing friends)mental health problem. -two waythat our soc resourcescoping behaviour can effect the typa stress were exposed to. -moderating can effect the whole relationship. -mediating: -moderating: Coping resources and behavior: -its an interaction. the effect of a stressor on mental health will b moderated by typa coping resourcesmoderators. At the same level of stress, if one of us has soc support, we wont experience that effect of the stressor. . the moderating effect is also known as buffering effecthypothesis - Coping: buncha coping factors. -social personal. www.notesolution.com
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