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March 2811- SOC363 lec Neighborhood context, stress, processes and mental health -test wud b 70mins- not a lot to be tested. Only lil amnt of time. No essays. Same format but just take out the essay part. -mcqs, fill in the blanks and short answers. Neighbourhood research. -similar neighbourhoods, their homicide rates are diff. headline from newspaper article. -explanation: crime rates lower in which lota cohesion. Its the coheasion (not the ethnicgender etc).? What about effect neighborhood. -neighborhood context Focal research: -they looked at a type of stressor. The disadvantage is that of a stressor. -focus: issue been arnd for long time. -how n context leads to mental health? Methodological : how we study neighbourhood contexts? -define a geographic area that we call neighbourhood (whole street, vs them and pple next to them . its very subjective. So need a more objective way to measure it) -one way of doing is to use census tract? -identified by the city- city comes up wid tracks. Also ur postal codes that identifies the tract. Thats how u know where it is. They wana link u to a neighborhood (wen asked abt postal codes) -tract boundaries: the way that stats Canada define boundaries by # of individuals. -census tracks (all #s on the map). City of Toronto. Map . blue ones are the #s of tracts. Theyre diff sizes etc widroughly same # of individuals. How to measure. -asking respondants to rate their own neighbourhood. -systematic social observation. Aggregate level census data: -(not detail. Type of statistics) -briefly wid multilevelwe link individuals. Every single postal code has %age of ethnic grps, # of employed pple etc. by lnking ur responses wid ur postal code wid
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