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SOC364 OCT 10, 2012 LAST CLASS THE VIDEO - Suburban ways of living are energy intensive which occurred during the blackout - Precarious system we depend on and not being able to maintain the infrastructure - Repalcing pipes for waste and power - Theme of film deals with sprawling out of cities and how to do it if energy prices skyrocket - Overall expenses people have for energy has gone up - Smart communities the built design for waling ans have seen some success - Second theme - Third theme - Cities lost what they have done which is production of goods and now for services - People have now finaced their lifestyles through debt - How it will play out is uncertain - From manufacutinrg to servci - Incomes have not rises - Service is vague term from high end values to low end service jobs – means we make fewer things - Society no longer exports things then rack up deficits - More polariziation and fragmentation - Before all watch cbc so socialization was much more common now much more fragment - Not just territorial comunites but networks that cut through space - Theme park – cities have become a destination - Demarcaztion of space anything can become urban - Emphasis on security - Source of information and culture have been transformed – peole took more time taking part in community meetings – major shift in communities – and information not genertated within community but from media which is top down Variations on a theme park - Relate how business is conducted today - Walk through a city see signs what is behing the mosaic of signs - Dramatic change of scale business Is conducted - Look at globalization of where things come from - Look at food and production and consumption patterns - Mom and pop – healtiest streets see wide range of businesses - Newer communites see decoupling of personal ownership - Mosaic of signs and look at them see a variation across comunnites - Downtown highly dense around mass tranit places see higher ratios of business investment - Move out to new communites less dense and car oriented skewed to conglomeration much more decoupling - Loss personal stake in business - Highere scale organization more likely lay people off in bad economy - Smaller les likely bc have stake in community and want to help - Capitalsm can be destructive of community business - Different bubbles go up in cost and then collaps - Families better is much better with consistency then bubbles - Greater levels of local business level out bumps in economy - Local owned cant afford to purchase commercial in evening television need other channels and rel on local neighborhood - Infrastructure of telecommunction beuilt to sustain higher levels of business - Toronto high property tax for business - Forces aligned against locally owned businesses – even though give a lot back and allow them to be stbake - Reality moves away – meaning – mode of organzition become so large cities tied to other regions of the world so lost control – negative perspective but reality world we live in Relevant books - Fantasy city – trend developing destination communities - Recent financial crisis effect on health - Learning las vegas – branding of urban space - Community – tension between safety and security – build communites to be safe but society of individuals - Metropolictis – density where live is correlated with politics – furthes suburbs the first ones and then central city – boundaries of Toronto change so mayor of toornto need to be compleeing to high density city all the way to suburb - Heat wave – aftermnath of heat wave – killed many old people – more disadnatge communites a lot of isolation fragment of social instituotion then people suffer if there is a heat wave Lecture 4 Comb of mc and short answer, 30 mc 2 points and 10 5 points short answer Kaplan social factors Important for inequalities of health Review last lecure - Wirth focusing on early 20 century dramatic changes - Chmages in urban from – spreading out of cities and difference of tranportantion Today - More historical perspective - Determinants of health are moveing target - Urban living heart at change in determinents of health - Chronic diseases have strong lifestyle component – wilkonson - Inequality is important and steer larger conversation to ring more attention to the et and priorites need to incorporate into policies to address Today - Health detemeniants - Medicine, public health measures - Urbanzition has exacstbated health problems in out society Determiniants of health - Major trans pre and post hunter gatherer societies - All had important implications of health some pos some negative - Food constand preoccupation in hunter gatherer - Some hunter gatherer even had technology to raise food refused to do so speculation that move to fix settlement the becomes more heirarchial and less communal - Some hg remain that way bc of social benefits many people do many things - In hearchy – - Infectious disease sometimes related to sanitaition sometimes stress but the environment - Got control over common id through med but a lot from public health measures - After mechanism of labour cities not improve in public health persepective – nto a lot of understanding of how infection spread – oublic health infrastructure not keep up - Farming techiniques allowed to supply city – - Not make advances in all domains same time good farming but not organziotn which came latter - Health and disease all the different aspects that make city living possible - Change norms in society – wash hands - Social and culture barriers - Water systems – - General will be improve modern society – and re invest into - Another transition - Is pre and post world war 2 - Un influential report – factors that influence the health looking back a over couple 100 years Determinate - How important had medicine been in improving health overall - Health care the pancea the barrier in closing the differences in health – now just tip of the ice berg – not addressing underlying inequalities in society then not doing that much in closing that gap - Referenceing the british model - Canada single payer model in canand a - Canada either way to the us – fourtnalty gone the other way – not perfect - Inequalities not increase like in the us – health care made difference but inrqulities exist bc stratification not address and result of macro things like labor Black report - Se conditions as root to health – not as long as thing in social eco conditions Findings - Similar finding in us and in Canada - Where u live the wealth of where u live – high income commnuites much lower death rates - Graded effect not major effect but down all range of income of commnites - Why diffence in health in those in highest income and lower in incomes below – both at the top
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