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St. Michael's College Courses
Michael O Connor

Unmarked quizzes September 10-12 #1 1. The instructional staff for this course will always answer student emails within 2-3 hours - false 2. Curse objectives for smc103: academic skills such as reading, analysis and written expression - true 3. Only catholic student can do well - false 4. Which of the following is not one of the units of smc103? A. Historical overview - wrong B. The catechism of the Catholic Church -right C. The teachings of the second Vatican council - wrong D. Divers contemporary views on Catholicism - wrong 5. The term examination is worth 12.5% 6. Plagiarism: don't do it 7. The instructors office is in Odette hall 8. You have to attempt all assignments to pass the course 9. You can pick up textbooks from crux and the bookstore 10. Skills to help you read primary sources and secondary sources September 17-19 #2 1. Northey et al recommend that you complete important urgent matters first 2. Athanasius said 27 books should be included it he Christian bible 3. The first prosecution happened in the reign of septimus Severus 4. Episkopos is the free word for bishop 5. A more fluid arrangement - itinerant "prophets and apostles" are being replaced by bishops and deacons appointed by the local community in the Didache 6. Lapsi in the church were disputed over if they should be readmitted or not 7. Cristiani is a Jewish movement in 70CE, So was the Essenes and Pharisees 8. Apostle Paul thinks that Christ
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