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St. Michael's College Courses
Michael O Connor

Unmarked quizzes October 1-3 #4 1. Most religious women in the medieval period were bound by the practice of enclo- sure beginning in 512 2. Mary of st Egypt did not work. She only studied and prayed in the community 3. The canticle of brother sun expresses Francis of assisis vision of the world as a sin- gle family of god 4. Both Anthony and pachomius shared their pursuit of asceticism and contemplation 5. According to Stewart a life of manual labour, study and prayer is not a distinguished feature of the Celtic monastic 6. Benedict of Nursia describes life under his rule as: a battle under Christ, with the weapons of obedience, a race against the darkness of death, a school for the service of The Lord 7. Charlemagne was a holy roman emperor and revived the empire and also made all monasteries follow Benedict rule 8. Three types of monasticism: Eremitic, cenobitic and mendicant 9. Francis of Assisi describes his order as: 1. Beginning 2. Preaching 10. October 15-17 #5 1. Leo the great claimed that the bishop of Rome inherited the rights and powers of the apostle Peter 2. Lay investiture is the appointment of bishops and other church officials by non- church authorities 3. Unam sanctum resulted in boniface VIII victory over Philip IV and a new era of papal authority 4. According to Stewart the development of the Gregorian chant was not part of the gregorian reforms 5. The main reason why pope urban II called the first crusade was to protect Christian pilgrims in the holy land 6. Boniface and the two swords: the spiritual sword is wielded by the church and th
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