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University of Toronto St. George
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Michael O Connor

Unmarked quizzes October 31-November 2 1. Martin Luther says that gods grace alone leads to salvation. No human effort 2. Luther accepts three sacraments: baptism, Eucharist and penance 3. One of the accomplishments of the council of Trent was the creation of seminaries for training clergy 4. According to Stewart, jan has, desiderius Erasmus, Martin Luther and pope Paul III are reformers before and during the reformation 5. According to Stewart, Luther's vision of the Christian church is "the people of god" 6. What is the relationship between the priesthood and Eucharist according to the council of Trent... The Eucharist is a true sacrifice and requires true visible priesthood 7. Two captivates that Luther outlined in his treaties: 1. You need to recieve both bread and wine, but in catholic mass you only recieve bread. 2. Transubstantiation, only au- thority of scripture and revelation 3. Eucharist: not a true sacrifice 8. According to Stewart the council of Trent can be broken up into 3 categories: 1. Au- thority of scripture and tradition. 2. Doctrines and sacraments 3. Seminaries established for priests 9. 10. "On this day I take my stand. I can do no other." Luther is taking a stand on scripture November 5-7 #8 1. Pope did not advocate incluturation in the 15th century 2. In the first Vatican council, they declared the pope can speak infallibly when he says ex cathedra 3. A comparative essay does need a thesis 4. The Jesuits took vows of poverty, chasity and obedience and this did not distinguish them from other models of religious life 5. De nobili said missionaries should reject any practice in any way associated with the devotions to Hindu gods 6. In chapter three of Vatican I, pit says that the pope possesses all inalienable rights to communicate with all bishops and their flocks, the pope has authority over these flocks and it is immediate, the popes authority does not weaken other bishops authori- ties 7. Intellectual and political changes o
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