Violence in Media and Christian Tradition This is exactly what happened on class. I elaborated in some parts about what was on the slides and included what she was saying in class such as examples.

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The Violent Bear it away Christianity and Violence Outline: - violence in Christian tradition - a history of the study of violence - violence and media effects studies - case study of violence in popular culture … Eminem, “Stan” video Violence in Christian tradition · Christian tradition is always perceives as holy, but it hasn’t always been so · The Gospels began with proclamation of “kingdom of heaven has been coming violently and the violent takeeth away.” Also includes “mighty cast down, poor lifted up.” · This is the basis for the world we live in Ex. used: Cursing of the Fig Tree and Making it Wither Matthew 21:18-22 · The violence of grace- it is so unlike anything in our world that it will come in a wave of violence (A Good Man is Hard to Find analysis) Grace/love of God turns everything upside down Misfit/gun = sign of violence through grace Images: crucifixion, martyrdom, inquisition What is violence? *Class discussion* · Violence as natural/cultural phenomenon · Is it a primal human instinct? · As culture develops, violence adapts in ways such as technology Definition of Violence · “omnipresent, trans-historical ‘thing’ inherently illegitimate, proactive, vestige of pre- cultural brutish Nature, resorted to in dire circumstances · Behaviour designed to inflict physical injury to people or damage to property Theories of violence · Purposeful/random · Instrumental/expressive · Profane/ritual · Controlled/affective · Tactical/strategic A violent continuum Utility/risk management/signification Violence in Media · CSI – “twice as dangerous to be in fictional New York” A study was done that combined the 4 New York based crime scene investigation shows count for homicides per season. It came out to
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