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SMC103Y1 Study Guide - Final Guide: Second Vatican Council, Eucharist

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Smc103 april 4exam review
o Draw from material from all three units of the course
o One of the questions on the essay will be there
o Two things in the essay
To demonstrate your command of relevant material about all three things we’ve
talked about, Vatican two, Catholicism and either pope john paul, leddy or rubio
Responds to the question with an argument
1. What is Catholicism? Why is it likely to achieve? Whats its future?
2. Look at the image of the church as a pilgrim
Its one of the way that the bishops addressed historical transformation
and changed the view of Vatican and the church
Diversity and social change
How did the church transform what did they get rid of or keep and what
did they gain and loose
3. Have understanding of her argument especially the parallel argument in
chapter 6
How important is it that this is catholic?
How do u demonstrate a positive judgement on this?
Why is it catholic based?
Passage identification
o Major sources we have read
4 authors: leddy, rubio, pope, Vatican II
Vatican II= gatium et spes, nostrate aetate, dignatatus humane
Term identifications
o 2 types: 1. Term that is used by one of the authors ex: eucharist (you have to say how
rubio and leddy speak of the eucharist)
2. People who we have spoken about in the past like st francis, Constantine etc
from the first semester
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