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One required text - find a used one! A set of questions that must be answers into essay first. First due on the last wed of oct. Last essay will be a biography of a saint: short essays, term test, oral presentation. There is a layout for the oral presentation - will be given later. Christianity and the evolving universe (how christians view god) Provide an overview/summary of the reading (bg information) What is the document"s purpose (who is it about, what are the themes, why?) What are the supporting evidences given to prove this point. Give an explanation of the given terms (bg info) Lastly, try to open up a discussion (one good question that is relevant to what is going on, yet is not too open ended?) Octavian > augustus caesar (31 bc - 14 ad) Pauls letters were the earliest christian documents, while using the term christ due to his jewish.