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thSMC 203Sept 13 2010IntroductionProf Jessy Pagliaroli JpaglialycoscomOne required textFIND A USED ONE Or Crux book store5 hoskin ave other text the faithbrian MoyahanChristianity encounters the secular worldAssignment1 Document analysis first essayA set of questions that must be answers into essay first2 Short essaysFirst due on the last wed of octLast essay will be a biography of a saint2 Term test4 Oral presentationThere is a layout for the oral presentationwill be given laterDone in both first ans second termSummary of the readingNo more than 15 minutes 1015Mandatory readings for next week acts of the apostles first 3 chapters of genesisplanningThemesChristianity and the statepoliticsChristianity and social customsChristianity and the nowChristianity and the evolving universe how Christians view GodChristianity and different culturesOral PresentationProvide an overviewsummary of the reading bg informationAlong with a written summary 12 pagesWhat is the documents purpose who is it about what are the themes whyWhat is the main argument The most important point being madeWhat are the supporting evidences given to prove this pointGive an explanation of the given terms bg infoLastly try to open up a discussion One good question that is relevant to what is going on yet is not too open ended thSept 15Roman EmpireOctavianAugustus Caesar 31 BC14 ADDivi FiliasPax RomanaPeople of the EmpireStratified society1Social elite1Freeborn1SlavesPagan religion Key is pluralismPax Decorum Peace of the godsPhilosophical heritage of the GrecoRoman worldThe beginnings of ChristPauls letters were the earliest Christian documents while using the term Christ due to his Jewish influenceSon of God however has no Jewish influenceWhy not name him as God or God incarnate emphasis on sonOther terms saviour liberator etcused by the romansAugustus CaesarAdopted son of Julius Caesar and make him a God allowing Augustus to name himself the son of GodRoman empireInitiated by AugustusPax romanaroman peaceCreates an idea of safety and stability of Christianity and those in roman rulePopulated around urban centres which is where Christianity is first spreadPax romana is an aspiration for the leadersHad a widespread control over 30 provinces with different political structuresLess developed places Keeps local representatives in powerJudeaMajor centresCommon languagegreekOnes birth determines ones statusThis wasnt strict however this right was only through joining the armySocial life in the empire revolved around householdsHead of family in charge of not only his own relatives but also larger groupsFamily was a function of a microcosm of the stateAlways men but sometimes widowsMen were in charge of census forms etcOnly the heads of the family had a right to vote and were considered to be full fledged citizensA lot of Christianity wasmostly spread form household to householdStratified society1 Social elite people that are in power Such as Pontius pilot2 Freeborn people who are not slaves or are not owned left little record of themselves3 SlavesBorn into itHad no rightsThey were teachers financial help farmers 2405What was religion likePagan religionA christian term roughly translated as rustic or civilianseen as not civilized people who arent baptisedUsed to express to those that arent ChristianPluralism To obtain peace and prosperity the gods must be worshippeddevotedThis was expressed through festivals sacrifices etcThe public was expected to join into these festivitiesseen as mandatoryThey exempted the Jewish people because they knew that it would lead to rebellionHowever they had to show their loyalty by offering a sacrifice to the emperorChristianity comes from a sect of JudaismChristians were seen as a form of Judaismnew point of viewDuring the time of Jesus mystery religions or new cults became popularFor example Bacchus cults promoted drinking Mithras attractive to soldiers initiations communal mealsEarliest Christian critics dont say that he doesnt exist but explains that he wasnt what they believedWhat separates Christianity from the philosophies God was empowering was a powerful force 4106There were many attacks on whether or not he was the messiah as well as Mystery religions try to show that Christianity is not unique through communal meals exclusive member ship 44Cult of the emperor seen in Augustus timethey were seen as GodsNotion of deifing emperorsSept 20Philosophical heritage of the Greco Roman worldPhilosophy was seen as a way of life and much closer to a religion compared to modern day philosophyTo the educated their philosophy was their religionSchools of philosophy was controlled by a leader and ethics was their principle concernMorality wasnt the central concern but it doesnt mean that it wasnt importantCritical of popular religion Judaism and Christianity and polytheismWithin these schools monotheism is clearly seenPlato 429347 BCBelieved in the idea of another form or a greater goodHumans are part of an imperfect world Remember the theory of formsSpiritstable and permanentSeen as the son of god or the son of ApolloGod is impersonal Believed that there is something immortal within us soul and our goal is to be able to allow that soul to reach that immortal and divine worldChristianity is only different in this by saying that this process is done only through the help of GodZeno335263 BCMost popular philosophy at that timeTerms spirit conscious logosThese terms allow them to understand jesus and who he isHuman oriented human directedcomes from ones own will or without outside helpThe only way to overcome human inclination is through human grace
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