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University of Toronto St. George
St. Michael's College Courses
Jessy Giroux

Christianity and Culture EXAM REVIEWPax romana they would want the gods to be pleased and so they would please the gods through prayer offerings animal sacrifices etcEssences th4 group to arise small cloistered group that produced the vast libraryfound the dead sea scrolls separated itself from other groups lived a life of celibacy rejected animal sacrifice and avoided meat and wine followed a solar calendardiff from lunar calender devoted to fasting and praying and purity practices had a strong conviction that the end of the world was near and that jews needed to prepare themselves for it apocalypticism end of the world for jews for Christians its rapturePaul of Tarsus acts of the apostles his journey Saul of Tarsus called Paul called himself the apostle of the gentiles he was converted to the Jesus movement this Judaism movement soon became a gentile movement he was a Pharisee concerned with the standards to jewish community he saw the jesus movnt as a threat and a messianic jewish cult that could divide Judaism he tries to remove it all together on his way to Damascus he experiences a vision of persecution from Jesusgod was asking him saul y do u persecute mepaul is then transformed by this vision still on his way to Damascus instead of persecuting the jesus mvnt he goes and learns about Jesus thru them and asks them questions he becomes a convicted Christian and sees jesus death as a divine intervention he then understood his purpose and his calling which was to tellspread the good news to others he wud tell other jews He used jewish scripture like book of isiah to prove that jesus was messiah to jews but they didnt believe him Paul thru his missions talks to others about Jesus he does this well because he tells others about the problems of society he says its not necessary to keep the jewish practice of being kosher purity circumcision etc he sees Jesus msg much greater he saw jesus as the liberator and his death left everyone in freedomcircumcision was replaced by baptismpaul died in rome as part of niro persecution of Christians said tohave travelled with peterMarcion Maricon Mvntdenies god of old testament and only believes in the gospel of luke Gnostics is taken from the term gnosis which means knowledge its an esoteric religionone ultimate being they have negative view of material world and dont believe jesus suffers on the cross and is just a spirit becuz if he was a true god he wouldnt be contaminated in the human formhe is a god that is superior universe and creator god theres more than one godthere is the creator god but another god higher than him
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