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1 John Calvin 15091564 originally Catholic but converted to Protestantism in his 20s Christian theologian that writes about various doctrinal issues within Christianity Most wellknown for his doctrine of Predestination This is the belief that everything is predetermined Humans have fallen from Gods grace and they are sinful Salvation is predetermined Cannot be saved unless you live a virtuous and holy life This is the doctrine of Predestination Calvinism is significant because it resulted in the spread of Protestantism in Geneva 1536However he also created a lot of conflict within the Christian community for being a tyrant and he was expelled after two years He later came back and won the right to excommunicate people and to also weed out Roman Catholic practices This movement is also significant because it shows the differing degrees of Protestantism based on how strict it can be Calvinism is one of the most disciplined sects Good works and moral behavior is the center of religious life If you are not living holy then that is a sign that you are one of the dammed th2 Council of Trent called in 16 century in response to the Protestant doctrine Priesthood of all believers Also known as the counterreformation to the Protestant ReformationThis council had several major outcomes banned the sale of indulgences more emphasis on clergy training and education Jesus more important than the veneration of saints reaffirms the 7 sacraments authority of scripture is dependent on the Catholic Church This council is significant to the history of Christianity because it forever changed Roman Catholic practice no indulgences It also shows how once branch of Christianity has influence on another as this council was called in response to Protestantism Changes the nature of the clergy today as they must be much more educated than they were in the past Promotes greater cohesion within the Catholic Church as certain issues were resolved Resulted in formation of new religious orders the Jesuits th3 Jesuits in Huronia Jesuits in generalFounded by Ignatius of Loyola 15 century Emphasis Known for their emphasis on education and discipline Believe it was their mission to spread the good news to whoever wherever as demonstrated by their vast missionary enterprises They grow quickly because of the work they provide example education system they are also very committed to social justice Significant because help Catholicism spread Able to spread Christianity while preserving the Native culture Conflict between the Jesuits and Catholic thChurch criticized for watering down faith because didnt change culture Late 18 century disbanded by the Catholic ChurchHow they execute their goalsFrench group founded a book missionary work called the Relations consists of how the Jesuits should be missionizing Gives people advice helps endure people to their cause allows them to get support and raise fundsHuronia easier to missionize in Huron because the Hurons were not nomadic missionaries arrive in 1634 Jesuits wanted to spread the Gospel because they wanted to save souls believed the Natives had souls and they believed that doing this was for their best benefit 1639 had 300 conversions but only 10 in good health How they execute their goalswould be very flexible and accommodating to Native practices they learned Native languages would ensure that they could get a hearing audience do this by finding points of contact and make the faith appealingTheir missionary work had a variety of range of Native responses 1 Catholics and Jesuits evil kill them 2 Hostile rejection not aggressive 3 Disinterest 4 Assertion
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