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Mass media is conveyed through standardized channels of communication. Mass media is more than a simple change in the technological methods of media productuction. To understand the mass in mass media, we need to understamd what the term masses meant at the momemnt that mass ,media became pervasive. For that reason we are going to spend 4 lectures discussing mass media in societyh and culture in the interwar period which was that moment. Here, we"ll just spend a little time with one thinker from that period. If we start this this course with a rouigh understanding of the concept of "mass man" it weill help us talk about what characterizes mass media, which is one of the subjects of the first half of this course. Ortega wrote in spain in the decade afgter the mass supposrted facists, benito, mussolini, hitler, had risen to power in italy and germany respectively, Using posters, film, radio to gain popularity with the average man.

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