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St. Michael's College Courses
Barbara Todd

Media studies Media studies is a discipline and field of study that deals with the content history and effects of various media in particular the mass media Media studies may draw on traditions from both the social sciences and the humanities but mostly from its core disciplines of mass communication communication communication sciences and communication studies Researchers may also develop and employ theories and methods from disciplines including cultural studies rhetoric philosophy literary theory psychology political science political economy economics sociology anthropology social theory art history and criticism film theory feminist theory and information theory Contentshide 1 History2 Media studies throughout the world21 Australia22 France23 Germany24 India25 Netherlands26 New Zealand27 Switzerland28 UK29 USA3 See also4 References5 External links Historyedit Main article History of media studies Media studies throughout the worldedit Australiaedit Media is studied as a broad subject in most states in Australia with the state of Victoria being a world leader in curriculum developmentcitation needed Media studies in Australia was first developed as an area of study in Victorian universities in the early 1960s and in secondary schools in the mid 1960s Today almost all Australian universities teach media studies According to the Government of Australias Excellence in Research for Australia report the leading universities in the country for media studies which were
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