SMC229 Readers & Readerships - Lecture 12, E-Reading Part 2 (Social Media) with Exam Outline, March 27/April 3

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18 Apr 2012

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E-Reading Part 2 Social Media
SMC229 Readers & Readerships, Lecture 12 on March 27/April 3 2012
Exam Outline @ end
There was a long informal discussion about the pros and cons of social media. Pros good
business platform. Cons self-absorbed users, too much information about others, idea that
you can be addicted.
Anonymity vs. Being Known 4chan debauchery. Facebook timeline feature: build a narrative of
your life, but only add what you want others to see. In this way you market yourself and are still
somewhat anonymous.
Mobile literacy on phones and tablets
The internet has the power to expand the scale of everything that already existed previously
Internet changes markets Craigslist & Kijiji taking classifieds revenue away from newspapers
Craigslist and University website ‘missed connections’ pages show that people had a desire to
connect with people in online networking ways before Facebook
Echoing chambers the readings you consume on social media is actually your own opinions
echoed back to you because you only seek out /follow people/sources that you like. Therefore
you curate your own news and you are not necessarily becoming as worldly or well-
read/educated as you might think
Not really being an individual on social media sites one of many indirectly feeding money into
large corporations
Social media can cause isolation users can either be on it too much when they should be
spending time doing other things or with the people around them. However not having social
media accounts can cause isolation and rejection
The line between reading and writing becomes blurred. In order to feel like you are fully
participating in a social media society you must both read and continually write and post
Some people create entirely new online personas fictional character accounts on
Twitter/Facebook, celebrity parodies, etc.
Social media threatens news corporations, but most of the news posted on social media is just
reposted from those tradition news outlets. If the traditional news outlets are driven out of
business, how will people post news?
Pinterest the next evolution of scrapbooking. Very gendered community almost all women.
Copyright issues.
Social media prompts young people to be more politically and socially active than they would be
otherwise, but they think they are being effective than they actually are. Awareness is good, but
it is not enough. Young people have to be physically involved in political processes as they are
already traditionally established. In order to enact change you must talk to people who are
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