SMC229 Readers & Readerships - Lecture 12, E-Reading Part 2 (Social Media) with Exam Outline, March 27/April 3

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St. Michael's College Courses
Jessica Wolfe

EReading Part 2Social Media SMC229 ReadersReaderships Lecture 12 on March 27April 3 2012 Exam Outlineend There was a long informal discussion about the pros and cons of social media Prosgood business platform Consselfabsorbed users too much information about others idea that you can be addictedAnonymity vs Being Known4chan debauchery Facebook timeline feature build a narrative of your life but only add what you want others to see In this way you market yourself and are still somewhat anonymousMobile literacy on phones and tabletsThe internet has the power to expand the scale of everything that already existed previouslyInternet changes marketsCraigslistKijiji taking classifieds revenue away from newspapersCraigslist and University website missed connections pages show that people had a desire to connect with people in online networking ways before FacebookEchoing chambersthe readings you consume on social media is actually your own opinions echoed back to you because you only seek out follow peoplesources that you like Therefore you curate your own news and you are not necessarily becoming as worldly or wellreadeducated as you might thinkNot really being an individual on social media sitesone of many indirectly f
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