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St. Michael's College Courses
Patrick Mc Gowan

Smc 313 lec 20 nov 26  Ten issues to watch; now o Open access o Retention o Ratepayers o Charter issues o Costs o Secularization o Alternatives o Culture of consumption o Vision/blindness o One system fits all  Bill 30 open access o Students from any system religion can come into catholic high schools  This was a trade off for school funding  Robert Dixon would hate this decision  One said; open access=opportunity to show how the system can welcome and how its strong and bears witness through its inclusivity  This creates than the option of opting out and school being challenged with the charter rights, where they are able to be opt out of religion class or accommodation needs to be implemented  Certain problems arise as well when there is small town the only option for school was the catholic school  How dp you retain the ppl that r in the system already? o Natural increase?  This might have been a solution when the catholic family was huge but there not  We cant rely on this right now because the families are now smaller only 1-2 students  Immigration patterns is changing so we can’t rely on immigrants to go to school and increase the population because this is changing  We cant rely on internal movement either  This is an important problem from the rural areas who only have one or two schools  There is a issue of how to maintain the students in the schools right now o Retention then leads to open access  If we can’t get the natural increase in schools maybe we can just open the access in all school levels  Retention and open access are linked  The alternative for this would then be to close down the school and then it has the dominionos  Its also linked to ratepayers o Today there is no ratepayers but there are public school system school suppor
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