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University of Toronto St. George
St. Michael's College Courses

Lecture Three Tuesday, September28, 2010 12:56 PM - Midterm Characteristics Shapes Words, descriptions - Good typogrpahy helps peopleread your copy, whilebad typography prevents them doing so. David Ogilvy - Terminology: - Leading: linespacing Namedafter the pieces of lead used to space letters in typesetting Measured in points. 16-point lead with 12 point font means 4 points of leading.1216 Bottom of descender to top of ascender of linebellow NegativeLeading: the ascending and descending can basicallytouch - Baseline:bottom of lowercasecharacter Measured in points Important because it linesup your text Matters with columns or pagesside by side. Lets text lineup across - Letterspacing and wordspacing Varies considerablybetween fonts - Kerning Cuts the letter to allowletters to sit better together. You v. Y ou Its technically letterspacing, but is in this case kerning - Sillyor decorative fonts Doesnt look professional - Back to Letterpacing Dependent on your intent, your message,size of word With one word, it isnt problematic, however with multiplewords, it is. Can leavetoo much space between words As type gets smaller,you need more space be
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