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Main points for Final Exam HLTC07 Lecture 2When researching for diseases sometimes there are under or overestimatesGovernment sets priorities based on comprehensive assessment Government says sometimes the aging population doesnt indicate Main findings Neuropsychiatric disorders and injuries were major causes of lost years of healthy lifeWHOs Global Burden of Disease GBD StudyNew metricdisabilityadjusted life year DALYHealth gapseg disabilityadjusted life years DALY Qualies the number of healthy years lived Very low child mortality rates in high income countries 100 of the deaths worldwide are due to malariaMore years of life lost in AfricaMost of the deaths in Africa are from communicable diseasesLecture 3Disease Classificationpurpose To alert to the emergence of a health problemTo assist in planning operations or evaluationTo allocate resourcesTo inform on where funds need to be used in the most useful wayTo help in understanding disease pattern Principles of disease classification Must have a category for every diseaseNo overlap between the categories motor vehicle injury fall and OTHER types of injury At least one disease for every category no category should be left emptyDimensions of Disease No international definition of diseaseSymptomatologyAnatomyHistologyEtiologyAge of onsetSeverityextentTreatment response Linkage to intrinsic genetic factorsLinkage to interacting environmental factorsInternational Classification of DiseaseICD10 ICD10 consists of 3 volumestabular listextensive descriptionalphabetical indexCCI Canadian Classification of InterventionsThey made a Canadian version of ICD Safetyrefers to the condition of being protected against any failures damages harmInjury preventionActive behavioursPassive behaviours Classification of Injury 1 Identification of the causal event2 Assessment of the outcome Categories for intentional injuries1 Suicide and selfinflicted injury 2 Homicide and injury purposely inflicted by other personsDisease SurveillanceAlexander Langmiur from CDC in 1963 1 Systematic and active collection of pertinent data of target disease 2 Assessmentpractical report of these data 3 Timely dispatch of such reports to individuals responsible Surviellance System Communitybased surveillanceHospitalbased surveillancePassive or active surveillance Special surveillanceLaboratory DiagnosisCHLPS
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