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BIO120H © Lis| Page 111 chapter 10: THE DISTRIBUTION AND SPATIAL STRUCTURE OF POPULATIONS  fragmentation of habitat breaks them up into small passes  restricts mvmnt  isolated subpopulations in small habitats die due to loss of genetic diversity  species able to use disturbed habitats have become widespread  fragmentation also reduces habitat quality  more habitat edge  ex. trees at edge exposed to higher winds, die from excessive water loss  songbirds vs. brown-headed cowbird  cowbirds lay eggs in nests of songbirds  prefer open farms and fields  thus, they go into forest edges to search for host nests  nest parasitism reduces reproductive success of hosts  rodents also have ventured into forest edges, preying on eggs  population: consists of the indiv. of a species within a given area  live in areas of suitable habitat  patchy distribution of suitable habitat leads to divided pop.  subpopulations (local populations) subpopulations  pop. would move less frequently here than in homogeneous habitats  distribution (population extent): the geographic area occupied by a pop.  a.k.a. ggeographic rangeof a population  population size: the # of indiv. in a pop.  varies w/ food supplies, predation rates, nest site availability, other ecological factors  population structure: attributes of a pop. including   density and spacing of indiv. w/in a suitable habitat (spatispatial structure  proportions of indiv. of eac
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